Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Bay La Bahía de Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Bay) was originally home to a small family community of fisherman. Today the bay has become a very popular tourist hangout and is a nice spot for swimming and snorkeling. You can arrange boat tours and fishing trips at the marina and book your diving excursion at the local dive shop.

Santa Cruz is the perfect place to dine on the beach, mingle with the locals in the central zócalo, shop the small market and various jewelry stores or sip a cappuccino at Café Huatulco, located in a traditional kiosk in the middle of the park.

One of the most attractive bays in the tourist area, Santa Cruz beach has a wide and long beach with a soft incline, white sand, and warm, gentle water. Here you can find tour boats, jet skies, snorkeling, and beach attire for sale, as well as great restaurants with the best fish and seafood in the area. Furthermore, Huatulco has already begun figuring on the world cruise ship market, thanks to the Santa Cruz Cruise Dock, which can simultaneously receive up to two ships with an average of 3,350 passengers, plus 1100 crew members each. Cruise ships now regularly dock in Huatulco between the months of September and April.

A variety of established residential homes and condos are available in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz within walking distance to the beach...and on nearby Punta Santa Cruz, which offers condos and homes perched on a point overlooking the bay and marina.