Huatulco: A great destination
for tourism and investment
Huatulco is the fifth, and most recent, tourist center created by FONATUR -The National Fund for Tourism Development. It is one of Mexico´s southernmost beach destinations, located on the Pacific coast, in the State of Oaxaca. At the foot of the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, the Bays of Huatulco offer more than 36 pristine beaches stretching along 35 km of winding coastline.
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Beauty and Balance
This destination, selected for its unbelievable beauty, is comprised of secluded bays, protected parks, mountains, valleys, hillsides and rivers...all of which offer visitors a magical and undiscovered paradise with a variety of unique opportunities for the adventurous and the tranquil tourist. Here you can enjoy a ride out to sea on a boat, a rappel session in the mountains, a visit to a coffee plantation, explore the depths of the sea on a diving trip or just enjoy relaxing on one of the many beaches.

The master plan for the development of Huatulco consists of almost 21,000 hectares, of which 6.5% are considered tourist areas, 3.5% are urban areas, and 90% are ecological conservation ares. All development in Huatulco is to be achieved by means of sustainable, high-quality, low-density projects which are respectful of the environment.
Bays of HuatulcoThe Perfect Weather The Bays of Huatulco offer warm weather with a yearly average temperature of 28°C (82°F) and a clear sky almost year-round. The population is just 18,000, but the region receives almost 3,500 tourists each day. Huatulco has recently strengthened its air accessibility thanks to the operation of the several domestic airlines, including Magnicharter, InterJet, VivaAerobus, AeroMar, and addition to International Airlines & Charters such as Sunwing, Signature Vacations, Apple Vacations, USA 3000, Frontier Airlines, Continental and First Choice.
Earthcheck HuatulcoAt The Forefront
of Sustainable Tourism
Huatulco in its entirety - from the Federal Government (through FONATUR), to the National Commission for Protected Areas, to the State Government (through the Secretariat of Tourism and Economic Development), to the Municipal Government, as well as committed citizens - has not only implemented measures for the protection of the ecology, but has also implemented programs that identify and recognize Huatulco as one of the most advanced tourism destinations on an international level with regards to the protection of its environment.
Arriving Here
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